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Pixee Games Launches New Tournaments In Diamond Duel

December 3, 2012

Pixee Games Launches New Hourly, Daily, And Weekly Tournaments In Diamond Duel. Now Players Can Compete Against Friends And Others From Around The World In The New Tourneys.

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Diamond Duel Reaches 100K MAU

December 1, 2012

Diamond Duel reaches the 100K MAU milestone. Traffic is organically developed. Players compete against friends and others worldwide in fun, fast, and addictive match-3 duels.

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Pixee Launches Zingo For Closed Beta texting

November 17, 2012

Pixee Games released Zingo for closed beta testing on Facebook. This is a unique slot-style bingo game, unlike anything in casual gaming.

Players can bet on spins, try to land on the letter they need, and hope to get a Double Zingo every round.

Zingo is unique in that a player spins a ball to try and land on the number/letter combination they need. The goal is not to get only a single Zingo, but to get a Double Zingo!

The game is loaded with bonus games, imaginative collections to earn, and with goals to unlock and explore new levels and themes. .

Bingo Will Never Be The Same.

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Pixee Games develops quest and casino-style games for the social and mobile markets. Founded in 2011 by seasoned professionals with experience in technology and gaming. Pixee Games has launched three games on the Facebook platform and has new game under development. We are currently porting our games to the mobile environment, initially for the iPad family of products.

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